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Type: White Dry, blanc de noir Varietal Composition: Agiorgitiko 100%

Vineyards: From the Zacharias family vineyards at Nemea slopes - Leontio village. The vineyards are being cultivated by practicing a certified Integrated Viticultural Management System for the Production of Wine Grapes, according to standards AGRO 2.1 and AGRO 2.2.

Altitude: 400m. from sea level

Wine making: Blanc de noir winemaking.

Characteristics: Agiorgitiko in a unique white version… albus means white in Latin. Albino wine expresses the metamorphosis of the red agiorgtiko grape into a white wine. This metamorphosis offers a fruity wine, with balanced acidity and an intense and long aftertaste of the agiorgitiko variety.