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Full Cream Milk Powder

Full Cream Milk Powder
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Powdered milk produced by spray drying of whole fat milk Application: component for food products Packing: 25kg four-ply paper bags with a PE bag liner

Organoleptic Standards:

Colour: white to creamy, homogeneous


Consistency, appearance:

free-flowing homogeneous powder, free from lump sex except those that break up readily under slight pressure


Taste, odour:

typical for pasteurized milk, with out any off-flavours


Chemical & Physical Parameters:

Protein: min 25%

Fat: min 26%

Moisture: max 4%

Lactose: max 43%

Scorchedparticles (disc): Disc A/B

Ash: max 8.5%

pH: 6.4-6.8

Acidity: max 0.15%

Solubility Index: max 1.25 ml

Inhibitors: absent

Antibiotics: absent


Microbiological Parameters:

Total Plate Count: max 10 000 cfu/g

Coliforms: absent in 0.1g

E-Coli: absent in 0.1g

Salmonella: absent in 25g

Yeast&Moulds: max 50 in 1g

Listeriamonocytogenes: absent in 25g